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  • Make sure to register for needed classes.


    Mac Kirkpatrick of the Registrar's Office at Lander University sent out an important email regarding Spring semester graduates yesterday.  Graduation forms do NOT have to be completed until early next semester. More information is to come within the next week.

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  • Get an early start on registering for classes.

    Time to Register

    Now that we're past midterms and Halloween, Lander University students have come to an important point in the academic year. It's the time of year to sign up for new classes, and freshmen may have questions about how to go about it. Here are a few helpful tips about signing up for next semester's classes.


  • Great American Smoke-Out

    Great American Smoke-Out

    The American Cancer society is having its 35th annual Great American Smoke-out on November 18th.  This is a day to encourage all smokers to take a day off, and possibly even quitting smoking for good. 


  • Bearcat Men's Basketball

    Basketball Season Underway

    Lander is trying this year to take the school spirit up a notch, and it started on Tuesday November 2 with a basketball pep rally at 9:00 pm.  Students had a chance to meet both the basketball players, and also listen to the pep band play.

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  • MTV is just one of the many channels teens view.

    Media Influence on Teens

    It seems that every time a new show surfaces on the television, it is a bad influence.  Shows that are broadcasted always have some kind of negative effect.  MTV has had a few shows that portray such influences such as; Teen Mom and Jersey Shore.  Although these shows seem to be very interesting and entertaining it can fool one's minds that are young and clueless.


  • Lander Theatre brings you Dracula this November.

    Dracula Is Coming

    Lander University's Mass communication and Theatre Department have created a fall production of Dracula. They have worked very hard on this show with a lot of practicing and stage creating to make it the best they can.


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